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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

In December Wendy Parman Voice Studio announced an ongoing promotion which is a fantastic opportunity to work with us. We’re offering an online team teaching experience with Lead teacher Wendy and our wonderful apprentice Lauren Merrick Blazer for half price! Lauren is a wonderful singer who has been studying with Wendy for a number of years and since the fall of 2019, has joined the studio as singing teacher apprentice, learning the ins and outs of Wendy’s eclectic method of teaching. Contact us for more about this opportunity.

In 2020 we had not one, not two, but three virtual Singer's Salons for students and invited guests. They were each a total blast and my students all made me proud! We had plenty of audience members to cheer us on, and we spread the entertainment value over many genres and levels of experience. As mentioned in our previous post, our summer Salon raised money for B.Fli Productions (over $600) and our Holiday Salon raised money for the Salon itself and for Irving Park Chicago Food Depository. Though doing it all online was not as warm and fuzzy as our usual Salons, (what, no cheese? No cookies? NO WINE?) they were still great opportunities for everyone to shine.

Despite all, I've also managed to perform during this period. It was great to do another version of my solo piece, "Fragments of Heartbreak Reassembled Here" in the Altgelt Sawyer Corner Farm. Cicadas and all.

Some notable virtual shows in 2020/2021 for me have been A Very Covid Christmas Carol, and Clue, both with This Moment Productions. I had a blast recently doing their 48 HR Festival Fundraiser, in Ken Preuss' hilarious play written in one sleepless night, Two Birds With One Scone.

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In February I was so pleased to be a part of Sue Fink's Virtual Dream Café , with Jenny & Robin Bienemann in the round. Sue's new series is absolutely delightful-lifting people spirits throughout this time, with a consistency few can muster. Kudos to Sue!

I really enjoyed the Shake Rag Alley Writer's Retreat in the fall-even though there was no er, retreating. I learned so much from Patricia Ann McNair's Memoir section and I hope to get to their "real" retreat this year. Working with Ian Belknap in his extended Live Lit Workshop was also enlightening and enlivening. There are things brewing in the writing department for sure.
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