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Voice Studio

 I opened my private voice studio in 2008, teaching by appointment on the north side of Chicago. I love helping students with the technical and artistic/emotional aspects of singing and how those interact. I am an excellent instructor of healthy and efficient singing technique and will help you release unwanted habits, chronic tensions, and performance anxiety. Simultaneously we will address connecting to, and expressing the emotional life and text of the song, while honoring your unique personality. My approach is to get you singing, auditioning and performing at your best. All lessons are currently online-but I look forward to being back in the studio with students soon!

I also teaching Speaking Voice for professional voice users-and well, aren't we all? If you are a teacher, seminar leader, someone who gives presentations of any kind, or is on the  phone or interacting with people all day-you are a professional voice user. If you voice is hoarse or tired by the end of your day, you may benefit from instruction in this area. 

Finally, I offer piano lessons to beginners, adults and children (7 &up).


Training and Background

Originally classically trained, I utilize a whole Body/Voice approach to teaching singing and speech. I draw from training in Somatic Voicework™ The Lovetri Method, Linklater, Alexander Technique, Grotowski and Meisner Method, among others. I have extensive real life experience singing in rock bands, and musical theater as well as cabaret, jazz, pop, country and more. My methods are suited to training in contemporary music of all kinds. As a songwriter myself, I frequently coach singer/songwriters not only on singing technique but performing their songs more effectively. I have a BFA in Theatre/Voice from the University of Kansas, and an MA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Columbia College Chicago.

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