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Wendy Parman has been seen on Chicago stages since the mid 80’s and returned in 2014, after a break to focus on original projects and music exclusively. She has added film, commercial, and voiceover work to her resume, and created an original series on Youtube, Callie’s Solo Web Series

During the pandemic, Wendy appeared in a number of virtual projects including Clue, and A Very Covid Christmas Carol, with This Moment Productions. She also participated in their recent 48 HR Festival Fundraiser, in the play Two Birds with One Scone.

Other theatre projects include: Elizabeth Rex at Oak Park Festival Theater; The Flora and Fauna at The Apollo Theater, and #Metoo Monologues with Connective Theatre. 

Film projects include Fahrenheit 78, which was part of the 2019 Best of Festival for Chicago 48 Hr Project, and was featured in film shorts Vitae; Amy; and Venere, which explores women’s reproductive issues. She appeared in Grey Area, a look at the political climate today, and looks forward to the release of Ekstasis, a full length feature directed by Noah Way.

Wendy Parman has performed multiple iterations of her solo show, Fragments of Heartbreak Reassembled Here. It was a part of the 30th Annual Rhinofest at Prop Thtr in 2019, after debuting at the Solo Chicago Festival in 2018 at Three Cat Theater.

Check out more about that and Callie’s Solo Web Series, here. It’s a kooky musical comedy about life as a middle-aged voice teacher in Chicago, going through a divorce.

Wendy Parman is represented by Lily’s Talent.

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