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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

I've been frustrated with my Wordpress website for the longest time, and finally it's time for the change. Things are still in process so please be patient if something seems out of whack. We're working on it!

So a clean slate, but let's not forget what a crazy, and difficult year 2020 has been-to say the least. We'll recap of some of what went on both for me as a performer, and for the studio and it's students.

Sadly, rehearsals for Nine, the musical for Blank Theatre were suspended, and the show postponed until who knows when. We're all waiting for the happy time when theater is again a thing we can all enjoy in person. If this show ever happens, it will be amazing. Here is my collage inspired by my character Lilanne La Fleur.

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JUNE, 2020 #BlackLivesMatter/The journey of the voice is a rich and sacred journey, wherein we, hopefully find ourselves. Part of this journey is also one of listening to the voices of others. We need to listen to so many voices right now, particularly the voices of BIPOC- (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) their struggles, their joys, their sorrows, yes, their anger. Only then can we become whole, as a community, as a nation, and as individuals.

In July 2020, Wendy Parman Voice Studio was absolutely thrilled to hold an online Singer’s Salon Fundraiser to benefit B. Fli Productions. Rashada Dawan the Creator and Executive Director (and an amazing singer!) joined many singers from my studio and beyond, as we all raised our songs to support a wonderful organization: “B.Fli Productions, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit performing arts organization on a mission to increase mental wellness and decrease violence through the power of music, dance and live theatre.” Rashada is doing beautiful work in underserved neighborhoods on Chicago’s South side. Learn more or donate to B. Fli here:

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